April 29, 2024

CRC Health Equity Grants: Oncoguia

Learn how Oncoguia used their Health Equity Grant to address colorectal cancer inequities in Brazil.

Oncoguia is a non-profit non-governmental organization supporting and informing cancer patients and their families in Brazil. Oncoguia works through public advocacy, increasing access to quality information, educating the community, and providing support services to empower patients. With their interactive platform, the Oncoguia Portal, they provide an informative online resource for those seeking accurate, high quality cancer information. They also offer a patient navigation program in two public hospitals in Sao Paulo.

With support from a CRC Health Equity Grant, Oncoguia hosted a colorectal cancer event at their annual Oncoguia Policy Forum in September 2023. Healthcare providers, advocates, policymakers, and patients were speakers. They discussed service and access inequalities, including barriers to colonoscopy and how to overcome them. Speakers also addressed the pathway to a national colorectal cancer screening program in Brazil, and challenges faced by patients living with colorectal cancer from diagnosis to treatment and care. The event targeted patients and their families, medical specialists, healthcare professionals, and other colorectal cancer stakeholders. Both in-person and virtual attendees rated the event positively and indicated that they had gained more knowledge of colorectal cancer from the event.

“Receiving the Global Colorectal Cancer Association’s grant, for us, was a recognition that our work is on the right path,” said Luciana Holtz, President of Oncoguia. “We are very grateful for the Global Colon Cancer Association’s support in helping Brazilian patients to have access to quality information. We are proud to partner with the Global Colon Cancer Association to reduce barriers.”

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