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The Global Colon Cancer Association is committed to building a strong international community of organizations and advocates who are dedicated to colorectal cancer awareness and screening, patient and caregiver support, patient-centered policy, and equitable access to treatment, testing, screening, and care. GCCA partners with patients, survivors, caregivers, formal and informal patient advocacy groups, research, academic, and healthcare institutions, and healthcare professionals at no cost. Industry partners contribute a membership fee. 


As a member of the Global Colon Cancer Association, you will join more than 60 organizations and advocates representing 34 countries and gain access to 


  • A global partner in your local or regional policy initiatives 

  • Educational materials in plain language, covering 

    • general colorectal cancer screening, prevention, and treatment information 

    • colorectal cancer biomarkers (through our Know Your Biomarker program) 

    • clinical trials (through our Clinical Trial Awareness program) 

  • Campaign materials for all our programs (Know Your Biomarker, Clinical Trial Awareness, Blue Hat Bow Tie for Colorectal Cancer Awareness) 

  • Global CRC Health Equity Grants eligibility – apply for a grant to support your organization’s initiatives 

  • GCCA Member Spotlight series participation – highlighting your organization 

  • Annual Global Colorectal Cancer Congress participation

  • Professional mentorship and consultation for new and existing advocacy organizations 

  • Networking with leading advocates, researchers, and healthcare professionals in the global colorectal cancer community 

We are grateful for our members worldwide .


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