Patient Advocacy Mentorship

GCCA’s Patient Advocacy Mentorship provides support and advocacy expertise to colorectal cancer advocates and organizations.

GCCA Mentorship


About mentorship

Globally, most colorectal cancer patients have no patient advocacy organization to represent them and to promote comprehensive access to CRC screening, diagnosis, treatment, and care. The GCCA Mentorship Program is designed to assist both individuals and groups aiming to address gaps in CRC patient advocacy.

Our GCCA leadership is enriched with years of collective experience in CRC advocacy. Together with our seasoned GCCA member organizations, we ensure that our mentees receive tailored guidance, empowering them to clearly define and reach their aspirations. Our emphasis on personalized assistance guarantees a profound difference.

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Components of the GCCA Mentorship

Needs assessment

A comprehensive in-person review of the current landscape and assessment of needs

Resource assessment

An examination of resources available locally


Guided strategic planning

Financial support

Monetary assistance, legal fees for the establishment and registration of non-profit entities

Support services

Additional support services including website and graphic design, medical writing, and assistance with legal fees for the establishment and registration of non-profit entities.

Mentorship worksheet

GCCA has developed a set of questions to help guide mentors and mentees throughout the mentorship process. This questionnaire can also assist advocates and organizations in assessing their community’s needs and resources for colorectal cancer care, and can be used to evaluate their own organization’s advocacy goals and strategies.

Download questionnaire
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Become a member

We are looking for individuals and organizations interested in becoming mentors or mentees.