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Colorectal cancer advocates in hospital

Support global access to colorectal cancer care

Each year, more than 2 million people around the world are diagnosed with colorectal cancer, and nearly 1 million die of the disease. Equitable access to care can change that. Support GCCA’s efforts to ensure equitable access to colorectal cancer screening, testing, treatment, and care worldwide, because where you live in the world should not determine whether you can prevent or survive colorectal cancer.

The Global Colon Cancer Association relies entirely on private funding from people like you. Your donation allows GCCA to

  • finance colonoscopies for people who have had a positive FIT screening test,
  • subsidize educational seminars for local surgeons to ensure quality colorectal cancer surgical care,
  • provide policy training to local advocates to make change in their communities,
  • create and distribute culturally relevant patient educational materials about colorectal cancer screening, biomarker testing, and clinical trials,
  • supply seed money to advocates starting local CRC advocacy organizations in areas where there are none,
  • fund awareness campaigns and events in local communities around the world.

Make a gift to GCCA today and support equitable global access to colorectal cancer care.