March 10, 2024

Webinar - Transforming Policy

Transforming Policy webinars support patient advocacy groups to change colorectal cancer policy.

The incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer are increasing worldwide. By 2040, more than 3 million people will be diagnosed with CRC each year, and more than 1.5 million will die of the disease. There are effective screening tests and treatments for colorectal cancer, but access to these tests and treatments is a serious problem, one that can be addressed through policy change.

The GCCA Transforming Policy program aims to advance colorectal cancer policy change through supporting patient advocacy groups’ efforts. In partnership Pfizer, GCCA has produced three Transforming Policy webinars for Latin America, Asia, and Africa, created a policy toolkit for advocacy organizations, and collaborated with Policy Wisdom on the Policy Scorecard, a data tool for advocates to use in their policy efforts. Each webinar includes details about the development of the Scorecard, including how it can be used to identify goals, align strategies, celebrate progress, and communicate with policymakers.

Watch the webinars, access Policy Scorecards for 10+ countries, and learn more about Transforming Policy on our website.