July 22, 2024

GCCA at Spring Conferences

GCCA shares patient-friendly colorectal cancer educational materials at spring conferences.

This spring, GCCA exhibited at several conferences, including two our team attended for the first time, Digestive Disease Week and the Oncology Nursing Society Congress. Both were held in Washington, D.C. These conferences were a great opportunity to meet healthcare professionals participating in colorectal cancer screening and cancer treatment to share our patient educational materials.


Digestive Disease Week is a meeting for professionals working in gastroenterology, hepatology, gastrointestinal endoscopy, gastrointestinal surgery and related fields. At DDW, GCCA focused on general colorectal cancer educational materials. We distributed our patient education brochure about colorectal cancer, including risk factors, symptoms, and basic screening information, as well as our more detailed screening fact sheets designed to increase patient knowledge and decrease fears about screening tests. GCCA also handed out our unique colon diagram “prescription pad” that providers can use to demonstrate the location of polyps or tumors or explain a surgical procedure.

GCCA's colorectal cancer fact sheets and "prescription pad"


This information is available online and to download at and


The Oncology Nursing Society Congress brings together thousands of oncology nurses each year. At ONS Congress, GCCA shared the KnowYour Biomarker colorectal cancer biomarker patient educational materials. The Know Your Biomarker kit includes a poster that has QR codes linking to our individual CRC biomarker educational webpages and postcards with links to educational materials for both Know Your Biomarker and Clinical Trial Awareness.

We also distributed the Know Your Biomarker version of our colon diagram pad, which includes a checklist of CRC biomarkers to share with patients.

GCCA's Know Your Biomarker poster, fact sheets, and "prescription pad"


15+ individual biomarker PDFs including“Biomarker Facts” and “CRC Biomarker Overview and Treatment Impact Table” are available for download and printing at Printed materials, including the Know Your Biomarker poster, Know Your Biomarker postcard, and colon diagram “prescription pad” with biomarkers can be ordered at