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The Global Colon Cancer Association (GCCA) actively engages with our global patient advocacy community to amplify the patient and caregiver voice.  Help shape the development of patient programming and initiatives by sharing your perspectives and participating in our surveys, virtual and in-person focus groups, advisory boards and town halls.  In addition, we partner with global healthcare clinicians and professional societies to ensure that your voice - the patient voice - is part of the conversation when new treatments, research studies and clinical trials are in development. 


Impact Study:  The Life Saving Knowledge Biomarker Testing Provides

Biomarker testing helps you and your care team personalize your treatment plan.  Share insights about your biomarker testing experience or if you haven't been tested yet, learn why testing is so important.  #KnowYourBiomarker

Biosimilars:  In Biologic Medicines Why Similarities And Differences Matter 

The GCCA is leading the global biosimilar conversation helping raise awareness and empower the patient advocacy community. Join the GCCA and help shape the future of biosimilar education and awareness initiatives by participating in our biosimilars survey.

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GCCA Congress Survey

Completed Survey Results

The GCCA is proud to be a part of the Global Cancer Coalition Network (GCCN), formed in the wake of COVID-19. GCCN collaborates with nine global cancer coalitions and alliances, representing 750 patient organizations working on behalf of 14 million cancer patients around the world.


In December 2020, six GCCN members (including the GCCA) collaborated on a survey examining the impact of COVID-19 on the global cancer community. The survey results were announced in February 2021 in GCCN’s Report COVID-19: Impact on Cancer Patient Organisations Worldwide in 2020. This work updates and extends findings from a survey of cancer patient organizations worldwide first carried out in June 2020.


Download the survey findings.

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