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Transforming Policy: Policy Scorecard

A collaboration between GCCA and Policy Wisdom

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Policy Scorecard

The Policy Scorecard is a data tool that supports policy decision-making. Policy Scorecards provide context for a country’s CRC policy state and support effective communication with policy decision-makers and other stakeholders. The scorecard can help identify gaps, as well as function as a tool to monitor progress, and to celebrate and recognize the advances being made.

Identifying key policy areas and ideal states:

  • CRC is a national priority and policies exist to address community needs
  • healthcare budgeting for CRC exists
  • programs address timeliness of diagnosis and access to innovative treatments
  • equitable access to diagnosis and treatment exists
  • clinical practice guidelines are developed and updated
  •  reimbursement exists for innovative technologies and treatments

Intermediate steps toward each ideal were chosen as indicators, and publicly available information from reliable sources was used to determine the country’s current status on each indicator. A score was given to each indicator status, and results were calculated for an overall score.

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WiSE Policy Scorecard

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Policy Wisdom is a public health policy consulting company founded in 2010 with the ambitious goal of playing a role in every worldwide public health policy. It provides organizations with the strategies, tools, and vision necessary to achieve their public health policy goals. It also shapes public health policies by working with the full spectrum of individuals—from policy makers to those who guide their thinking—at governmental and non-governmental organizations and in the public and private sector.

With its evidence-based approach and methodology, Policy Wisdom developed the WiSE SCORECARDS, a tool that supports policy decision-making and helps to systematically measure the current state of policies and actions against the ideal or optimal state of such policies. With WiSE SCORECARDS, users can confidently navigate their decision-making process, ensuring policies align with their desired outcomes.