2024 Global Congress

Global Colon Cancer Congress

The 2024 Congress will be held October 18 in Cape Town, South Africa.

5th Annual Global CRC Congress 

Equitable Access for All 

GCCA’s 5th annual congress will be held October 18 in Cape Town, South Africa, bringing together GCCA members and key stakeholders for an intensive all-day sharing of ideas and best practices. Our first in-person congress will be available to livestream and as recorded videos after the congress. 
GCCA is building a global community of advocates and advocacy organizations to share information about how to make the most impact in the sphere of colorectal cancer advocacy and patient-centered policy. This meeting provides a unique opportunity for GCCA members from around the globe to meet, in person, to collaborate and learn from each other as experts in the advocacy work they do in their communities. 

World Patients Alliance, October 19-20

GCCA Congress participants will join the World Patients Alliance, October 19-20, for their 2nd World Patients Conference, allowing attendees to learn from advocates across broad disease states. Please contact jenn@globalcca.org for a free registration code to sign up for the WPA conference.

All are welcome

All are welcome to join GCCA in Cape Town on October 18, however financial support for travel and accommodations is limited. Please contact jenn@globalcca.org for more details about attending the Global CRC Congress.

Donations are welcome

Your donations help make it possible for members with fewer resources to attend the Global Colorectal Cancer Congress in person by supporting scholarships for these attendees. For corporate sponsorship of the Global CRC Congress, please contact jenn@globalcca.org.


Thank you to the sponsors of the 2024 Global Colorectal Cancer Congress