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We welcome the development and participation of individuals and groups to assist us in fundraising and raising awareness to promote the mission of GCCA.


The Global Colon Cancer Association actively participates in conferences, conventions, expos and healthcare symposia throughout the world.

GCCA Global Colorectal Cancer Congress 2020.

An international gathering of the world's leading healthcare and organization professionals dedicated to advancing knowledge, research, and treatment of colorectal cancer.


The APRIL 16-17, 2020 Virtual event is available at

GCCA Global Colorectal Cancer Congress 2021.
Coming April 27-28, 2021

Want to plan a GCCA fundraiser?
Help the GCCA support its mission by holding a local fundraiser. We can assist you with support.
Whether its a concert, a 5K run, a bake sale, a golf outing, a yogathon or some unique idea you may have, we can help you help us! 
Check back for additional events for 2021 and beyond.