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GCCA’s statement opposing President Trump’s Executive Order on Drug Pricing


President Trumps Announcement Will Not Help Colon Cancer Patients


On Friday, July 24, President Trump announced his intention to execute his “Most Favored Nation” policy,  otherwise known as an “International Pricing Index”, among several other Executive Orders that will act to dim the outlook for colon cancer patients around the world.


Breakthrough science has changed the diagnosis, treatment, and likelihood of survival for our community, but more investment and innovation are needed. Today’s unnecessary and harmful actions move us away from that goal. We are disappointed that after the near-universal rejection of this idea by the patient community, the Administration proceeded in this manner.


GCCA has worked collaboratively with governments around the world to combat similar policies, often with the support of the U.S. government, and joined in support of expanding America’s innovative environment abroad through trade deals.


We are opposed to the “Most Favored Nation” Executive Order and we hope the Administration will reconsider.

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